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What is your concern?


Fractora treatment is ideal for both fine and deep lines and wrinkles as well as acne and acne scars.  Treatment is effective on both face and neck as well as anywhere on the body. Fractora can also treat superficial vascular lesions  (red veins) and pigmented areas.  Fractora is so effective because a number of benefits result from the one procedure.  It adds volume by stimulating collagen production while tightening the skin as well as oblating vascular issues and age spots. Because of variable setting options Fractora may be used on all skin types including type VI (black) without the complications of depigmentation (bleaching the skin) or hyper-pigmentation (dark pigmentation of the skin).  This allows treatment year around regardless of sun exposure or tanning, so you don’t have to wait until winter.

Female genital issues

Fractora ‘v’ is the first and only non surgical treatment to address female external genital concerns both for function and appearance. It is frequently combined with the Votiva ‘v’ for vaginal issues of dryness, laxity and incontinence.( See Votiva for more information).

The Procedure

The Fractora procedure is a minimally invasive radio frequency delivery system.  It is performed using topical anesthesia cream and involves minimal to moderate discomfort. If the patient has a low pain tolerance or needs more aggressive treatment, injectable anesthetic and/or oral medication is available.  Treatments usually take 20-40 minutes depending on the areas to be treated. Usually a set of 3 treatments is recommended for best results.

What can I expect?

Healing from Fractora treatment usually takes place quickly with 0-2 days down time, although 4-5 days may be required if really aggressive treatment is desired. Some results are apparent immediately, while the greater benefit and tightening may take 3-4 months. The results are permanent.  Even though Fractora turns back the age clock, it can’t stop it completely and normal aging progression still happens. For longer lasting and enhanced results overall, this treatment may be combined with amnio stem cells.

If you have questions or want to know if Fractora is right for you please call us at 918-341-2000, or click on schedule and make appointment.

Votiva treatment

What is the Problem?

Ladies, this will give you more information about what goes on ‘down there’. And the problems are not just related to you since it may significantly affect your partner also.

First some definitions: Urinary incontinence is the inability to hold urine and is of two types, stress incontinence which occurs when you laugh, cough or try to do some physical activities. Overactive bladder incontinence occurs when the bladder itself has spasms and urine loss occurs before you can engage the muscles to hold it. Votiva v is the first FDA cleared, non surgical treatment for stress incontinence and may help some with controlling leakage related to overactive bladder as well.

Vaginal atrophy and laxity occur due to age and childbearing. With child birth the muscles of the vagina and bladder may be stretched and with age we loose the elasticity or stretchiness of those areas. In addition the skin becomes thinner, dryer and more sensitive, especially in sensitive areas.  This decreases sensitivity as well as response and may make sexual activity painful. The votiva v is uniquely designed to address these issues.

How it works.

The Votiva v uses radio frequency through a heating probe which is inserted into the vagina. Because it has a real time thermometer, the vaginal areas can be warmed to the precise therapeutic temperature required to stimulate collagen and elastic tissues to be come tight again. It also stimulates the regrowth of the vagina mucosa, without the risk of injury or burn.

It is a very comfortable procedure lasting 10-20 minutes and requires no anesthetic. Usually 3-5 sessions are required, but most women begin noticing a difference even with their first treatment. It is gentle enough you could have it today and ‘do it tonight’.

Is it right for me?

Votiva treatment is effective for almost everyone with vaginal atrophy and laxity issues and provides effective treatment for those not wanting to use hormone replacement therapy. It will help with mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence for most women. If you’re tired of crossing those legs and holding yourself every time you laugh, sneeze or try to do something physical, make an appointment today with us at A New Image. We’re here to help, because we believe a healthy you is a more beautiful you.

A pelvic exam is necessary to determine if treatment will be effective for you. This can be done by your doctor, Dr Korgan, or one of our female nurse practitioners.  Ask your doctor about it. Because it is new procedure, chances are he or she may not know about it. We will be glad to provide him or her with information to help determine if Votiva v is right for you.

Additional Information.

Many women opt to couple the Votiva treatment with Fractora” v” which helps the tone and appearance of  the labia and external genitals (see Fractora information).  This is a virtual ‘no brainer’ compared to labiaplasty and vaginal reconstructive surgeries.

Bio-Identical hormone replacement is an effective co-treatment to address urinary incontinence.

Other treatment options for incontinence are Kegel exercises, targeted pelvic floor physical therapy, medications (which are not very effective and have side effects), and surgery. We can also help you explore these options if you desire.

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