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Pearl Fractional

What is Pearl and Pearl fractional and what conditions can it treat?

The Pearl and pearl fractional are resurfacing and volumizing laser treatments that address signs of aging and damaged skin. The laser uses pulses of energy that target deeper layers of skin as well as the surface layer. This results in both immediate improvement in skin with the added benefit of providing long-term benefits . This treatment is gentle, safe and requires minimal downtime.

The Claremore and Pryor pearl fractional treatment stimulates the skin to become more even and smooth, hence the name pearl for pearly smooth skin.
Pearl is called a fractional laser as it only removes a tiny amount of tissue which in turn stimulates the remaining deeper skin layers to produce more collagen. This tightens skin and removes tiny wrinkles. It is called a fractional laser because unlike other lasers (which have different uses) this laser only affects a small portion of the skin.
This fractional treatment is good for acne scars, sun damage and any condition that has left the skin rough and uneven.

Because the laser also stimulates the skin from the deeper levels, it can also improve brown spots, sun spots, liver spots, freckles, age spots and even out skin color such as hypopigmentation (light spots) and hyperpigmentation (dark spots). It may be combined with an IPL or intense pulsed light procedure to clear resistant pigmented areas of the skin. The IPL covers broader areas but does not stimulate the deeper skin layers, thus the two treatments complement each other when used in combination although each works well alone. (See IPL treatment).

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Who should get a Pearl Fractional treatment?

Anyone who has the above conditions of uneven skin tone and pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles would benefit from the pearl fractional treatment.


Can all skin tones be treated with Pear Fractional?

Claremore and Pryor Pearl Fractional is ideal for light to moderate skin tones so There are some limitations when it comes to skin types. (skin types refer to the amount of pigmentation that a person naturally has in their skin and ranges from 1 to 5). Because a laser “seeks” pigment and flash heats it, clients with darker colored skin (4&5) are not good candidates for this procedure. These darker skin types are more effectively treated using our radio frequency Fractora treatment which also helps with the tightening and is effective for all skin types. If you’re not sure of your skin type we would be glad to help you with a free consultation.


What can I expect from the Pearl treatment?

Typically within 3-4 days patients will notice overall skin improvements and may need only 1-2 treatments, spaced approximately one month apart to achieve desired results.


What is the recovery process after a Pearl Fractional treatment?

Your face may appear pink/red for 3-4 days following the treatment and look similar to redness associated with a mid sunburn. There are typically no restrictions for returning to regular daily activities other than not wearing make-up for the first 3-4 days after treatment.

Results are typically noticeable within day 3 or day 4 of the treatment.
Your skin care professional at A New Image Claremore and Pryor Pearl Fractional will talk to you about important safety information during your consultation pryor to your treatment.


Why should I consider the Pearl Fractional treatment?

This treatment is ideal for patients with light to medium skin tones and skin imperfections due to normal aging and photo or sun damage.
Many patients see improvement to their skin after just one treatment but typically at least 2 are recommended.


What areas of the face can be treated?

Pearl Fractional is uniquely effective around the eyes (peri orbital area) and around the mouth (perioral) and effectively treats the entire face.These mouth and eye areas often show the first signs of aging and can be more challenging to treat.


Is the Pearl Fractional treatment painful?

A topical numbing cream will be applied to the skin before the treatment begins to alleviate some discomfort. Most patients describe the treatment as a series of fast, hot pinches or snaps.


Tell me how Pearl Fractional compares to other fractional laser treatments?

Pearl Fractional’s unique laser wavelength offers a safe while intense treatment to reverse the signs of aging. Patients report dramatic results in a single treatment with approximately one week of recovery with this unique Clakremore and Pryor Pearl Fractional treatment. Other fractional devices will require more treatments than Pearl Fractional, and may not be as effective in treating deeper wrinkles and issues coming from deeper skin layers.


What can I do to better care for my skin health and maintain the effects of my treatment?

Your skin care professional at Claremore and Pryor Pearl Fractional will discuss this with you and make recommendations for the best products to to help protect, enhance healing and nourish your skin in followup to your Pearl Fractional treatment. We offer you and recommend only the highest quality medical grade skin care products.

It is important, of course, to limit direct sun exposure for the weeks following your treatment to reduce the chance of hyperpigmentation. Your skin is more sun sensitive following these treatments and you should make a regular habit of wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to help protect against future skin damage.



Here at A New Image Med Spa claremore and pryor Pearl Fractional we always recommend a holistic approach to skincare and overall wellness. We are available by appointment to help you additionally on that journey.

Skin health is definitely influenced by a good diet. That means eating a large quantity and variety of colorful fruits and dark green and leafy vegetables with the cruciferous veggies being particularly important. It is also important to get in a wide variety of brightly colored fruits such as blueberries and raspberries every day.

  • Drinking water is vital to skin health and of course a good cleansing regimen should always be followed. You should drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water daily.
  • Our Skin Care Bundle with supplements including Vitamin C, Collagen, and Zinc are effective supplements for skin health. Each of these have been shown to be critical for skin health and anti-aging
  • Exercise is also important to stimulate circulation.


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