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For Men

Guys, if you thought that a med spa is just for ladies, we invite you to look

further. For your improved health and more youthful skin appearance, we offer solutions for frown lines, age spots, excess hair, hormone replacement, non surgical aches and pains treatment as well as for sexual health. Read More….

For men:


If she thinks you’re frowning all the time, but you’re not, Botox maybe your answer. With a few quick injections we can help soften that frown into a smile.

Fillers and Laser treatments

Perhaps life and acne have left you with deep lines and “pits.” With laser treatments, fillers and peels we can help your skin regenerate, smooth and help fill in those divets and pock marks.

Hair Reduction

If she refers to you as “my hairy beast” and wants you to keep your clothes on at all times, our hair removal lasers may be just what you are looking for. Hair reduction around the neck can be helpful also if you get irritation from wearing a tie regularly.


This is currently a hot topic. Testosterone is an important hormone that is responsible not only for improved sexual desire, but improved sense of wellness. However, it is not the only hormone. We will help you be sure what is “above the belt is not affecting what is below the belt.” We offer assistance with creams and gels, shots and pellets, and will help you find the best solution for you.


Don’t like that skin hanging down under your chin. While a male turkey looks great with a waddle, most guys would prefer not to have one. Kybella treatment can dissolve the submental fat (fat below the chin on the front of your neck) and tighten the skin.

Sexual Health

If you would prefer to do something other than ‘take a pill’, Ask about hormone replacements, prostaglandin shots and amnio stem cell injections, a relatively painless procedure. (“p-shot’). You don’t have to live with erectile dysfunction.

Check out our regenerative medicine area for information on addressing degenerative Joint aches and muscle pains and ask if prolotherapy or amnio stem cell injection is right for your condition.

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