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Are you on the hunt for an Owasso Botox provider that understands that not all problems can be solved by injecting needles? Then check out A New Image Medical Spa. Not only do we offer amazing services like functional and integrative medicine and essential oils, but we also target the deeper problems like diet, nutrition, and exercise. For your first visit with us, we are happy to offer you a $1 dermaplane treatment! You can also take consultation with us and we will hope you find the best plan for your skin goals.

Spa that offers Owasso Botox, we understand just how important it is to make sure we target the areas that you want to see God. We also however understand that it is not all up to the chemicals. Our methods have been based on technologically advanced lab testing supports and equips the body to heal naturally. This means that our services are activating your body’s natural ability to create youthful and beautiful functions. Whether you want to just fix your skin or are looking to go deeper, we can help you. We have a variety of services that you can choose from, including injectables, laser services, aesthetic services, and other products you can buy. One of the services is our laser hair reduction service we realize how much hair can cause issues when it is in places you don’t want it. That is why we do not settle for the out of date hair removal solutions.

In addition to being an Owasso Botox provider, we can also help you the unwanted body and facial hair and a safe and effective way our laser treatments impair the hair growth capacity of your hair follicles as they are in the active growth states. After several treatments, you can find all of the unwanted hair gone and reduced, providing you with smooth luscious skin. We can also help you address the effects of aging “down there.” We understand how embarrassing talking about this can be and yet it is so important. We want to make sure that that area of your life is happy and not causing you any pain. There is nothing worse than having pain in those areas. Whether you need to reduce dryness, address low muscle tone, looseness, or decrease the sensitivity, we can help you.

However, if you are interested but feel like you cannot come to I think because you are a man, then stop thinking like that! You deserve to be pampered just as much as women. Here at A New Image Medical Spa, we offer a lot of choices for our men you can get laser hair reduction, brown spot and read vein removal as well as Botox and fillers for aging lines and jowls. We can also offer you one of our signature facials. We can also address less cosmetic issues such as weight control and issues in your “area of man.” We help you address the root causes of these issues, rather than just giving you a pill or shot.

If you are interested and would like more information, you can visit us at our website it at https://anewimageok.com/ or call us at 918-341-2000 we can’t wait to help you discover the best plan for helping you create that new image of yourself. You deserve it!

How Do The Owasso Botox Pros Do Some Marvelous Things?


If you are looking for Owasso Botox, then you are probably looking for a medical spa that can help you get rid of all of the physical, cosmetic imperfections. If so, consider checking out A New Image Medical Spa. We offer our clients amazing services like functional and integrative medicine services and also help reduce aging in all areas. We also take a holistic approach to solving your problems, meaning we look at your nutrition, diet, and exercise habits as well as targeting wrinkles and hair.

If you are out wanting an Owasso Botox service, then we are the place for you. Not only do we take care of wrinkles in your face using Botox methods, we can also help clear the skin of other imperfections like hair and acne. We have Genesis acne treatment, which is a noninvasive laser that treats the fine lines, large pores, act, and scars through a series of treatments. These treatments are quick, pain-free, and have absolutely no down side. When you use our treatment, you can expect to see the subtle get consistent results after each session. We also offer our customers a Genesis nail fungus treatment. This is an alternative to prescription medicine. Our laser nail fungus treatments are the fastest, most effective way of treating nail fungus without pain or discomfort. Our laser is specifically tuned in to eliminate the fungus without harming any other tissue.

In addition to being an Owasso Botox provider, we can also provide you with laser treatment. If you have bulging veins or read things or other vein issues that you don’t like, then you do not have to suffer. Our laser treatments can help your legs look the best. We use a laser light that is delivered through the skin and into the bay. It heats up the vein causing it to collapse and seals shut this then sealed vein is broken down and absorbed into the body. This sounds terrifying, but we assure you it is safe. After treatments, you can expect to swell and feel a little tender, but no downtime will be required. However, we cannot stop the development of new veins. If you have underlying vascular problems, you may need additional treatments. Politically here at A New Image Medical Spa, we can help you get through this treatments and you do not have to worry about having wrinkles and veins that protrude.

We also offer something called the light. This is an intense pulse light that is effective in treating brown spots and broken capillaries. Through the healing process, your skin behavior will normalize and collagen, texture, pores and the clarity of your skin will automatically improve. You can help your skin be as smooth as a porcelain statue with our treatments. We do not to worry about having wrinkles or imperfections because we can help make them fade away. You are perfect as you are, but we know that you deserve to feel as perfect as you are.

If you’re interested like more information, you can visit our website at https://anewimageok.com/ or call us at 918-341-2000. We can’t wait to work with and help you find the best treatment plan for all of your skin needs. You deserve to create a new image, you deserve to be the self that you desire to be.