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Are you ready to Find Best Owasso Botox Filler? At A New Image Medical Spa, Dr. Dwight Korgan offers all kinds of treatments from botox, microdermabrasion, to all sorts of fillers, facials, injections available for all men and women. Dr. Dwight Korgan has always had a passion for vibrant health and natural healing including feeling and looking the best! He is a medical director at a new image Medical Spa, and he is also a consultant, along with working on site performing any treatments or services as needed from his clients. His motto is that every person has their own unique feature that they would like to foster but he looks more that just the surface but more than skin-deep. Dr. Dwight Korgan not only cares on what’s on the inside but wants you to feel just as confident on the outside.

If you are feeling like you have a certain smile and/or worry about fine lines that you don’t want there anymore and you want certain areas filled, no longer hollow, then come find Best Owasso Botox Filler at a New Image Medical Spa! We will have a consultation with you for free and formulate a plan with treatments that will best match your needs. Every treatment has a different purpose to serve and results in different ways, but despite the process, you will have instant amazing looking skin. Whether your goal is to rejuvenate dead skin cells, reduce hair in certain areas, make your lips fuller or have a treatment of microdermabrasion along with facials, We’ve got all the possible solutions for you and your skin!

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable treatment to reduce fat permanently underneath the chin. It is also used to destroy the fat cells and once they are destroyed those fat cells will not be able to store or accumulate fat. Many patients can expect to have results from 2-4 treatments. Many of our clients are pleased with this treatment and are greatly satisfied!

We make it known that in our spa, we not only have treatments for just women but we also offer treatments for men. Men also deserve to be pampered and can enjoy a facial, massage, treatments, and/ or creases and deep lines. We also offer several types of treatments for men like hair reduction, brown spot reduction, and treatment for superficial varicose veins. If low testosterone, fatigue, erectile dysfunction are concerns, clients are always welcome and can always visit our sister company, A New Image: Integrative Health for treatment of the root cause.

In every service we make sure that our clients are comfortable and feel amazing after! We believe highly in customer service and train our staff very well to know each treatment! If you are looking for small town vibes in a spa but in a big city available locally to anyone and everyone, find best Owasso Botox Filler in Claremore on Florence Avenue ! Visit us on our website and schedule an appointment at https://anewimageok.com/ or a book with us by calling us at (918)341-2000.

Find Best Owasso Botox Filler | A Healthier Look

If you are an individual who is looking for a more healthier and youthful look or want to have rejuvenated skin, then come and find best Owasso Botox Filler located in Oklahoma. Some of the services that A New Image Medical Spa offers are injectables, laser services, aesthetic services, and products are also available for purchase. Right now, we are having a very special sale for first-time customers. We care deeply about our first time visitors and hope that you guys have a very pleasant first time with us! We are offering a treatment of Dermaplaning for only $1! Dermaplaning is a process of removing the very top layer of your skin with the goal of getting rid of acne scars making the surface look smoother and healthier! This procedure will most likely last about 3 weeks or so.

Dermaplaning is for anyone who has acne scars, dry skin, dull looking skin, damaged from the sun skin, or has fine wrinkles. You typically feel a tingling sensation but this procedure is 100% pain free.This procedure takes about 20 to 30 minutes as we gently exfoliate the outermost top layer of your skin. The reason why we exfoliate the outer topmost layer of the skin is because the top layer can be aged or dull from the toxic environment around us that may contain harsh chemicals or even the sun’s damaging rays. With this process, the older cells are swept off the face and allow the newer skin cells to be revealed to the surface.

The results of dermaplaning are phenomenal. Your skin should look brighter instantly. There may be some redness from the exfoliatin, but after a couple of hours, the newer cells will come to the surface. Although your skin may seem to be brighter at first, it actually takes a couple of days to see the full results of the treatment. Overall, your skin should be bright, skin cells are rejuvenated, and super silky soft.

We are rated one of the greatest because our treatments are highly effective and the results last for a long period of time. We take pride in our customer service to all of our clients whether you are a first-timer, or a regular member of ours. We take the time to train all of our staff so that they may know the knowledge behind the treatments in order for the treatments to be just as effective as meant to be! Our staff are highly trained and highly knowledgeable of the services we provide! You can Find Best Owasso Botox Filler with us at A New Image Medical Spa.

We hope that you Find Best Owasso Botox Filler with us! We look forward to being able to provide great services for your skin needs and your skin goals. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and providing a relaxing session is very important to us! We encourage our clients to tell their testimonials about the services they were provided. We also encourage you to look at our testimonials located on our website at https://anewimageok.com/ . There you can also book and schedule an appointment with us using just your name, email, and phone or you can give us a call at (918) 341-2000.