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We have a no brainer $1 dermaplane treatment for our first time clients. We provide you with safe, effective, affordable non-surgical treatments that help you address any anti-aging concerns for your skin care, joint and sexual health. or services are for men and for women. we believe in healthier use and more beautiful you. We offer functional and integrative medicine that is equipped to help support your body in order to heal naturally. You can follow us on Facebook to view our current specials. This allows you to save on fillers, lasers, Botox and spa treatments.

What microneedling services are offered with a dermaplane treatment at a new image medical spa? We offer microneedling. This migraine needling is a process where we make small holes into the skin under a topical anesthetic. This allows the skin to stimulate and produce collagen while it heals and Smooths out your skin surfaces while reducing your fine lines and wrinkles. We then go and add our fracturer for more of a benefit and radio frequency that helps stimulate the benefits from the micro needling. This is a wonderful treatment because it can be done all year round on any and all skin types. doesn’t matter if you’ve been tanning or have been exposed to sun exposure. Most people have a down time of 2 to 4 days and are absolutely thrilled with the results. you will see results as early as 2 weeks after your appointment. The healing and Improvement continues for up to 6 months.

What is fractora treatment services dermaplane treatment? Refractory treatment is where we use a treatment that helps you resurface, produce or even eliminate many aesthetic scars, fine lines and wrinkles while using a combination of radio frequency energy. These two procedures together allow you to access the results that were only available through invasive inexpensive Surgical procedures. This is a great way to help rejuvenate and resurface the skin. It’s great for improving the Skin’s tightness and tone and helping with the appearance of wrinkles. This is an affordable and effective Innovative treatment and has also been referred to as a non-surgical facelift.

Fractora has been known to be amazing to Contour the facial skin to help with toning and lifting as well as all tightening the skin. This is one of the most effective procedures that we have available at a new image. This treatment works as they use the combined radio frequency and my needling to result in a very fast and effective way to provide you with skin tightening and resurfacing. We use our radio frequency treatment to send controlled wavelengths over to heat the deeper layers of the skin. This stimulates the collagen and election production even more than any of our individual treatments can in this work for darker skin as well.

you can visit our website at https://anewimageok.com/ to find out more about us, see all the services that we offer, if you are frequently Asked questions, see what clients have to say about us and our services and more. give us a call today at 918-341-2000 to get your no-brainer offer scheduled and on the books today.

Dermaplane Treatment | Fractora Treatment

At A New Image Medical spa we have a no brainer offer of a $1 dermaplane treatment for all of our first time patients. This medical spa offers a range of services including injectables, laser services, and aesthetic services. by liking us on Facebook you can keep up with all of our current specials. We help you save on fillers, botox, lasers, and Spa treatments. We offer functional and integrative medicine that is equipped to help you support your body’s needs to heal naturally. For men and women we offer safe , effective , affordable non-surgical treatments that help you address any anti-aging concerns for skin care joints and sex health. we believe the healthier you are and we’re beautiful you.

How do these treatments work together with dermaplane treatment? We see skin Age happen all the time. This is often influenced by stress, diet, smoking and sun exposure. your skin is maintained by the Culligan and last and in the skin and the decrease of this can take a toll on the appearance. We use the microneedling and Fracture treatment combined that helps stimulate your collagen but also triggers the revitalizing process on a deeper level. This allows your skin to naturally produce collagen and elastin again to help you repair your skin every day. This is a great option to help fill in wrinkles and help us with scarring that allows you to have more plumptoned and smoother skin.

How soon can I see results with a dermaplane treatment? The first thing you will notice is an instant glow to your skin. It takes about 2 weeks but then after 2 weeks you will begin to see even more fine lines and wrinkles reducing and notice a more rested youthful appearance. When you complete the series of treatments the results become even more obvious. The collagen will continue to ramp up for 6 months after your treatment and will help with the toning and tightening of your skin. you can expect to see a little bit of inflammation and redness for a few days after your treatment. We recommend that you plan on 2 to 4 days of social downtime after your treatment. You may also expect to see some light track marks scabbing, peeling or even oozing up to 48 hours but after that there is no downtime.

We use a topic anesthetic to make this treatment tolerable for you. This is great for deep and intense treatments. This is an FDA approved treatment that requires minimum down time. This has been a very effective treatment for acne and acne scarring. This procedure is known to be used on the neck, chest, knees, hands and inner thighs. We advise you and guide you to develop a custom treatment plan for your needs and goals. you should expect to need three of these treatments over. of 4 to 6 months.

You can visit our website at https://anewimageok.com/ to learn more about us. or you can call us at 918-341-2000 to get your no-brainer offered or scheduled and on the books today.