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If you’re looking to understand treatments such as injectables like Botox and Jupiter alter plus XC which uses which is an injectable gel dermal filler with hyaluronic acid base you should call her office we’ll get more information before even decide to get any of these treatments. Because the more you know about the treatments what they do and what the processes and more educated you will be before you actually just jump right in to get it. But most importantly if you’re actually looking to take advantage of her first time you actually one dollar dermaplane treatment today.

This is an important step for special people who are looking better get a better life to find my wrinkles to be able to have a better life and healthier lifestyle. Tell them not only does creating an outer appearance but also reading a better inner inner body and experience. Because if you have a healthier body as well as the health your mind your will just naturally radiate from you. So if you’re looking them the better your skin but also that your life call us now. So an added bonus is you can actually get a one dollar dermaplane treatment from us.

If you want more information about our injectables what is all involved and what the processes as well as how often will you have to do it then you can find the page on her website that is a tab that says injectables click that tab and then you’ll see that we offer you Botox Joomla! Durham ultra plus XC Kai Bella vole Bella XC Voeller Bloomer and vitamin B12 shots. If you want more information about you know what kind of results you get what it actually does your face or neck view that on the website.

If you’re curious about Botox maybe have never done it before or maybe you haven’t done it a long time and he actually liked it is like the results and you can schedule and a morning or afternoon to come into her office and meet with one of our institutions and her doctors had to Botox and to take care of those worry lines crows feet frown lines neck bands. Usually with Botox the it’s the face paralytic that can actually weaken your facial muscles beneath that certain troubled wrinkled area actually lacks the skin and restore its youthful balance.

Call us for more additional information if you want to know more about our injectable gel dermal filler that we use for our ultra plus XC would also be able to take advantage of your first-time visitor you can get that one dollar dermaplane treatment. This is for first-time customers only of course if you follow is also on Facebook then you will be able to see what new deals or discounts or promotions we have for Olive Oyl clients. Call us at 918-341-2000 or go to www.anewimageok.com. Do it now. We want to earn you all the positivity as was the confidence in your skin. Call us now.

How Can Dermaplane Treatment Improve Your Skin?

If you looking for medical spa like a new image medical so they can provide you not only dermaplane treatment but also permanent fat reduction using our FDA approved injectable treatment called KyBella who are at the right place. Call us for more information or you can ask to schedule an appointment today my going to a website scheduling appointment by meeting name email and phone number and one of our skilled highly experienced team members will call you to schedule a morning or afternoon free to come into her office for quick consultation to go over the process as well as view your areas of that you’re looking to have some permanent fat reduction.

If you’re more just specifically looking for simple treatments that are non-invasive and we highly suggest our dermaplane treatment that is actually noninvasive and it actually gets rid of that unwanted facial hair and even helps with dead skin cells on your face. Usually we let our dead skin cells build up usually sometimes we don’t wash her face often enough for what you’re doing what your facial cleaning regiment is it’s not really taking care of getting that inground in dirt or oil in your and your pores but this plan or this treatment really does help.

Also if you want to know more about what kind of injectables we have then you can contact us now. Seriously not. If you are interested in our velour XC this is actually a note does moderate to severe parent thesis lines and wrinkles that actually adding volume to the lines and wrinkles around your nosy mouth actually produce that those long-lasting results for at least up to a year and a half. So if you want to have long-lasting results and especially in those areas around your mouth like the marionette lines are the barcode lines we can help you..

We have everything you possibly need at a new image medical spa located right here in Claremore Oklahoma. If you need to be able to harass our physical location you can actually go look us up and get the address which is 1410 N. Lawrence Ave., Claremore Avenue and this is to think of the deal especially if you’re looking for something such as noninvasive or just a simple signature facial. The signature facial you at least do this once a month to be able to get that inground dirt and environmental oil out of yourself out of your pores to be able to then glowing skin.

But if you’re looking for permanent fat reduction we highly recommend you do our FDA approved injectable treatment underneath the chin area if you’re dealing with those unwanted fat underneath your chin or maybe you are tired of having looking in the mirror looking at pictures and looking at double chin Collis. Call 918-341-2000 are going to www.anewimageok.com for more information also about receiving air one hour one dollar dermaplane treatment today.