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If you are dealing with this fine lines and wrinkles and you’re looking for a great deal and also you may be her first time visitor to our office and never been to a medical spa before take advantage of our deal here at a new image medical spa for eye one dollar dermaplane treatment. You can get a hold of us either on Facebook I messaging us or you can go on blind people schedule appointment do you just have to leave your name email and phone number or he can call us directly to schedule a morning or afternoon appointment for either a B12 shot or either getting acting care of those that sagging in your cheeks.

If you’re also looking for an FDA approved injectable gel to be able to have some added volumes your cheek area and also had that age-related volume loss that we can correct we can also do some contouring and also a settle left in your cheeks using our volume a XC. Also can address that soft and moderate to severe fine lines and wrinkles by adding volume to those lines and wrinkles around your nose and mouth for that settle long-lasting results that booking usually last out for at least a year and six months. For more information about our dermaplane treatment call us today.

We understand that you are dealing with fine lines and wrinkles in that much dreaded father time we want to be able to address all your issues with the utmost respect and confidentiality. We know that you know sometimes this is a kind of used as a last results have new deal with that aging and wanting to be able to at least try and slow down but not having to be pumped full of silicone for having your face stretched to her your hardly recognizable or looking like Joan Rivers. We would make sure that were addressing it with an FDA approved at gel that the injectable as well as in adding volume where needs be added and not overcharging you or overselling

We want to make sure that were always very sensitive to your needs as well as you know creating that much needed energy booster and you can get that with our B12 shot and I this is actually staff favor because it can actually increase your metabolism as well as giving you that healthy skin and also improving your mood for that of essential functioning cardiovascular system. So this can really get the blood pumping and also can help be a preferred option for a direct and immediate absorption into your bloodstream.

So if you’re looking for more specific treatments such as dermaplane treatment or anything else less invasive than I would suggest this treatment for one dollar or you can get the vitamin B12 shot or just a signature facial to be able to get rid of that top layer of dead skin cells and be able to have that healthy glow. This is a great treatment for every month able to can have continuous dedication to taking care of your skin. Give us a call today for more information by calling 918-341-2000 or go to www.anewimageok.com today.

What Does A Dermaplane Treatment Do?

We have a staff favor for you going on right now here at a new image medical spa located in Claremore Oklahoma. Right now we are offering the vitamin B12 shot this is a staff favorite and it’s actually better for people who prefer direct and immediate results be as either actually get that immediate absorption into the bloodstream. This actually promote and energy in your body as well as an increase metabolism as well as it’s great for the skin and also can improve your mood by also having that essential proper functioning cardiovascular system. Call us about our dermaplane treatment.

If you are maybe a first-time visitor maybe want to be able to take advantage the vitamin B12 shot or maybe you are wondering why someone should call a new image medical spa? The answer is because we can provide you noninvasive treatments as well as dealing with and the sensitive subjects such as an feminine sexual health or urinary incontinence. This is something that people not what do not want to have to deal with as they get older but it does usually pop up and we would make sure that you have a place to go to help you deal with that. Also this is definitely place to go to address anything such as fine lines and wrinkles or Lawson cheek volume or loss of energy for dealing with those of barcode lines or marionette lines among your chin and lips.

We want to make sure they were dealing with you in confidence especially if you’re dealing with sensitive subjects and sensitive needs on your face chin or anywhere else in your body. Also if you do a lot of and sensitive issues along maybe dealing with the face maybe have a lot of access here on your face or your chin or anywhere else on your body would be happy to be able to do the a.m. dermaplane treatment.

Whenever when you leave anything to chance and we want to make you feel comfortable from the moment you give us call the cable scheduled for the four morning afternoon into the tent into the time we actually come into our office for treatment. And this is not just to be able to make you feel sensitive or less confident when you walk into your office. You can come in and turn thought office confidently and being able to take advantage of the treatments that we have knowing that you can be judged and you can and have your information on broadcast to the rest the office for the rest the world.

So if you’re specifically looking for our one dollar dermaplane treatment if you are first time visitor or maybe you’re looking for boat Botox to get word of those worry lines crows feet frown lines or neck bands we can get you taken care of by actually temporarily weakening your facial muscles beneath the wrinkled area to relax the skin and restore a youthful appearance. Call us at 918-341-2000 or go to www.anewimageok.com for more information about our treatments as well as iron first-time customer value and deals.