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Contact us with questions here one of our team members of the a new image medical spa team will address any questions and concerns you have way before you schedule an appointment or treatment. You’re also looking at your first time customer you’ve never had any kind of treatment before or you’re looking to get echo questions addressed about Botox or G of the Durham in Collis with an processing search you might have. And also if you are first-time visitor with us we can exceed you actually receive a one dollar dermaplane treatment.

We were initially repressing all your questions will before the treatment even begins. That is why we kind of do a short consultation make sure you’re all aware of the procedure the process everything involved. That is why so important to be able to make sure that you have someone on your team someone addressing your questions make sure they can put you at ease before the treatment even begins. Whether you’re looking to deal with those crows feet frown lines neck bands marionette lines barcode lines or getting that permanent fat reduction underneath your chin call us now.

We want to be able to address all the issues and questions that you might have will before the treatment begins in the can feel comfortable calling Earl walking into her office and sitting in her chair. We have a highly trained staff of affectations and doctors that all always offer that a holistic approach to health. Call us at 918-341-2000 a new website to more information even before you walk in to the office. We also want to be able to tell you more about our facials vitalize peels and dermaplane treatment.

It is well worth your research and questions and concerns so that we can address it before you know you make a decision that you’re not prepared to do. So we want to make sure that you are fully aware of the process you can make an informed decision obtuse to decide which treatment is can be right for you. Also you’ll be able to receive additional advice to discover what areas are the problem areas and how to treat the best versus you know just doing something and filling yourself with silicone.

But if you are first-time visitor inter office of new image medical spa located in Claremore Oklahoma next receive dermaplane treatment for only one dollar. That is our guarantee as being her first visitor of ours. Can also call new phone or go to www.anewimageok.com for more additional details and information about a company as well as knowing more about dealing with problem areas that were just getting let fillers to be able to know really increase the volume of your top lip or maybe even getting a lip augmentation to really want smooth but not got drastic volume. Calls for more information.

Why Get Our Dermaplane Treatment?

We want to be able to give you all that more here at new image medical spa. Here at a new image medical spa we can actually give your eye and natural look rather than making you look like Joan Rivers. Because she was really ugly we want to make you and really bring out the natural beautiful features of your face. Call us at 918-341-2000 or go to www.anewimageok.com for more information. Because the more you know about Botox treatments and other injectable treatments as well as noninvasive treatments the more comfortable you will be scheduling a morning or afternoon appointment.

Also here at a new image medical spa were actually offering for first-time visitors are first-time customers were actually offering you a dermaplane treatment for only one dollar. I have no idea what other medical spas are actually offering you that but I can guarantee you your this is what you’re lucky one this is one lucky officer he can get it. This is just the kitchen door to great deal but also let you experience are high quality customer service as well as our list of services that we also provide.

If you find yourself just a little bit curious about not only just our dermaplane treatment we can tell you more about Botox and augmentation as well as our permanent fat reduction underneath the chin area. We know that getting a lot of majority of the nation actually deals with that stubborn double chin and it never seems to go away no matter how much weight you lose and you just want to be able to have those cells destroyed so that they cannot mode so that they can no longer store or cumulate fat. If you’re interested in the permit fat reduction you can actually expect to get this treatment between 2 to 4 treatments at least one month apart.

But we are so much more than just fat reduction. We do injectable gel terminal fills with hyaluronic acid base for your body which actually you create naturally were just Kenny giving it a boost. Actually this filler will work as will work wonders feeble to plump up those hollows or even a race the wrinkles around your new nose or your mouth. But if you actually have the stubborn crows feet lines or maybe even those marionette lines along your mouth we can actually have the injectable gel that can actually really plump of this area some kind of a race them.

Now you should know that with Botox or fillers they do not permanently erase the problem. It will help especially if you’re just looking for small treatments to be able to kind of discontinue avoiding the antiaging orders we like to come avoiding father time. When Santa frustration of having to Greenough getting older and you know you wake up one day and you find another fine liner wrinkle in a place that wasn’t was before. You just seemed interesting that they are just popping up all over every day. Call new phone or go to www.anewimageok.com to get more information about not only just getting your first dermaplane treatment for one dollar also asking us questions about our noninvasive and evasive treatments. Call 918-341-2000.