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The Dermaplane Treatment provider called a new image medical spa has actually sent all the people to have more advanced injectable training. And we want to make sure able to share this techniques and also be able to help you enhance your jawline provide better left and contouring for more defined profile as well as address any fat underneath your chin. Said he to call or text for consultation to see if this treatment is right for you call us now and we be more than happy to provide you medical grade skin care products, injectables, lip augmentation, laser skin treatments, laser hair removal and more. We have a lot of amazing things happening here at a new image medical spa.

The Dermaplane Treatment is only one dollar here at a new image medical spa. It’s also great place for chemical peel, exfoliation, smoother skin, tighter skin, brighter skin and so much more. Six really want to revitalize your facial skin contact us because it’s actually suitable for all skin types and being able to write you a radiant looking skin and Hassett and actually having noticeable results without being too harsh. If you have skin sensitivities we won’t go over that with you as well as show you what you can do to even sign up for micro dermabrasion. The benefits of that is that a connection remove dead skin cells, unclog your pores, remove bacteria, remove excess oil, minimize fine lines and wrinkles as well as give your skin a healthy glow.

The Dermaplane Treatment is a treatment that might seem super simple but he can definitely make a difference especially if you feel that anytime you wear makeup and all you notice is the peach fuzz or maybe you just feel that you not able to get that clear skin that you want to even after washing your face then we need to be able to actually take one of our tools and be able to provide you the ability to get rid of some of that dead skin cells that have been dormant on your face. We also help you get a filler and also help you save money on however many units you want to Botox.

So if you have any questions or maybe you’re not even sure if Botox is the right move that you want at least be able to get some answers about it especially if you’re now noticing your marionette lines or even those as crows feet along your eyes and contact us because easy as you get older your skin starts to sag and your skin loses volume so let’s see what we can do to help that.

So it is now or never contact a new image medical spa by calling (918) 341-2000 or by going to www.anewimageok.com now to learn more.

Dermaplane Treatment | Wake Up Your Skin Today

Wake up your skin with the Dermaplane Treatment here at a new image medical spa. This treatment right now is only can be one dollar. That’s major savings and is definitely can it be able to actually help your skin become better as was more clear and less furry. Each are now for mission about looking to make sure that your able to get the best deal as well as being able to get great coverage and even better customer service. There’s nowhere quite like a new image and we want make sure that everyone who comes in for our window treatment are coming in for something a little bit more long-lasting than would definitely be able to help you out.

The Dermaplane Treatment has everything you need me on the scene mission able to help you with whatever that might be the time not to know more patient better services rapid help you and obviously will make sure that everything that we can be exactly what you hoped it would and even more so. We try not to learn more about what we can do here at a new image medical spa to make that happen. We level we do and the one make sure it shows every single time we bring in a new patient or have a loyal patient.

The Dermaplane Treatment has everything they could possibly want out of a service like this including our micro dermabrasion lip augmentation as well as other medical treatments including getting rid of those bothersome spider veins are helping you with urinary incontinence. Now if you are embarrassed or maybe you just want to be able to talk to someone to get some insight into how to be able to approach something like that or maybe you’re not even sure where to start and you just kind of feel embarrassed just thinking about it we want you to know that there’s no judgment here at a new image. We reduce will make sure that you able to get some relief rather than you feeling like you have your body that’s losing control you have nothing to do that we can make sure it would help you with your sexual health as was making sure they can still be your best help without having to feel embarrassed every single time you stand up.

So contact is not see what we can offer or maybe even what we can do to be able to stop father time for now. Course we cannot stop you from aging but we can try and slow it down but of course we know that as you get older things are can start sagging and elusive volume and firmness so rather than going completely extreme we would make sure that what were doing is making you look natural rather than like a pincushion.

Call (918) 341-2000 or go to www.anewimageok.com now to learn more about our one dollar offer as well as saving money on units of Botox. Whether you’re looking for vole Bella, ultra, ultra plus or volume.